Transportainment takes a unique approach to videography entertainment by making you mobile and part of the storyline. 

Your adventure will be recorded and provided to you at the end of each journey ~ edited highlights can be uploaded to social media to share with friends.

Looking for something different?          Need help breaking through to the next level or new idea?          Talk it out and find your way!

Here's how to make it happen:

Select the Episode that matches your need, then select the increment of time and book your journey today!


  • Business Development and Brainstorming session
  • Adventures with The Fierce Cherub – you up for an adventure?
  • Story Time – Interview style discussion  - select any topic: Family, Friends, Events, Challenges, Your life's Journey or just a life lesson.

These make a great gift!

Each episode can be reserved in the following increments of time:

  • One hour
  • Three hours
  • Six hours
  • Nine hours
  • Day Trip
  • Weekend Trip