About Steven

I have worked in Healthcare Management for more than twenty years, most recently as an administrator for a pediatric clinic with eight providers and thirty two employees, I have grown to understand more and more the importance of giving yourself time and attention. I love to tell the story of how Massage Therapy has been a lifelong passion and became a great second income for me. I guess we all have to start somewhere and for me It was way back in 1987 when I remember proudly proclaiming that I was finally a young professional! Since then I have been licensed as a massage therapist in two different States (TN 1987 and TX 1992) neither are currently active but over the years I have been extensively trained in many modalities including: 2nd degree Reiki, Shiatsu Therapy, Raindrop Technique and the list go on. As my Healthcare career demanded more and more of my time, I decided that the license had little impact on my work and focused on helping those who wanted or needed my services. As my own journey has called me back to my passions in life, I am following my heart again, I welcome any questions about my work and below you will find a list of my nine favorite oils that I sincerely hope you will consider and enjoy!